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Black and White Security
Hurlingham Court, 1st flour Argwings Kodhek Road, Hurlingham
P.O. Box 51867 - 00100 Nairobi Kenya
Tel: +254 20 2585355
Cell: +254 720 900 555
Email: info@bwsecurity.co.ke


Our clients are covered from work related losses by the public Liability policy which we hold through Takaful Insurance Company This is a general Liability Cover for all our Assignments unless stipulated otherwise in any contact i.e. individual 1 client coverage that features the name of the client / contract as the beneficiary of the cover in case of an accident.

Incidences of burglary, theft, robbery e.t.c are investigated by a team of officers from the company in collaboration with the local police and reports forward to the insurer. The insurer also sends its team of loss assessors to establish the extent of loss and liability before they can start processing the refunds.


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